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38 Years Serving You
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After almost four decades, we've just about perfected our building process to ensure that we deliver a sound, quality project on budget and on time. This hard-earned ability comes from having built countless new homes, additions and remodeling projects.  Another important aspect of our building process is appreciating the initial anxieties our clients feel about such important projects.  We compassionately understand and go out of our way to make it a smooth, pleasant and brief transition. This appreciation also comes from having lived it ourselves after constructing a couple of new homes for our growing family. 
So if you're tossing around the thought of building a home or expanding your existing home, let us take a look at your project.  We can’t make your choices for you but we can put options, suppliers and our expertise at your fingertips to speed the process along as smoothly as possible.

Experience the Shore-Built difference

  • Architects and interior designers love to team up with a seasoned builder who can easily collaborate with them, clearly understand design and structural needs and always put our clients’ needs first
  • If you don’t have architectural plans – let us help.   Bring us your collection of ideas and together we’ll assist you in designing your dream home
  • We help you handle the details required of the real estate agents, attorneys, bankers, appraisers, closing agents, etc.  
  • We’re fully insured to protect you. We also obtain proof of insurance and mechanic lien waivers from every sub-contractor to further protect you
  • Our materials and building techniques meet or exceed the highest industry standards to ensure that your home – from the inside out – will be pristine for generations to come 
  • Although "green” is now more than a color, we've always tried to make wise choices that contribute to keeping our beautiful earth, beautiful- for our children, and their children.   Highly selective site cutting, use of renewable resources and energy-efficient systems are a couple of smart choices on our projects
  • Our exquisite finish work is the bow on the present that pulls the whole look together, and no one does it better.  Unlike most contractors, we have a fully equipped woodworking shop that will be vital in finishing your home, while saving you money because we don't have to farm this work out
  • Our work is not done until we receive your final punch list and your new home receives a thorough cleaning.  We're not done until you say we're done...and always remain at your service!

Restoration - 1901 Colonial
(continued from Home Page)

(continued from Home Page)


TESTIMONIAL: (cont.) "...each & every detail as constructed back in 1901. We take a few minutes to thank you most sincerely & truly recognize the difficulty you overcame in reconstructing exactly what was built well over 100 years ago. A feat, [we're] sure, much more difficult than starting anew. In the past year we remember each and every skilled worker from your different crews, all coordinated under your watchful eye and supervisory direction to work in tandem as the job unfolded.  We remember a new roof, many facets including numerous gables.  All clapboards everywhere, being removed and replaced anew.  Multiple porches both covered and uncovered being replaced with tongue & groove decks.  The under pinnings under some being replaced where needed.  Multiple columns replaced everywhere, as well as all porch railings and front steps and railings.  We thank you for taking the time to research replacing and hand turning the pinnacles atop the railings.  We also thank you for your patience & execution in replacing the 64 wooden, working shutters exactly as originally constructed ...and better.  Your painter's work could hang in museums, no short cuts - all in time with what the weather dictated...damp days, no painting.  A job we are all proud of.
We thank you, Bob & Sue and all the many different crews that come to make Shore-Built Construction the premier builders that you are. Equally important to us is that the entire job came to us well within the budget we agreed upon & within the time allotted to completion.  Feel free to refer any prospective clients to us entertaining restoration work.  We would be proud to show off the genius of Shore-Built Construction."- Marc & Agnes
Home Additions Require Experts
Today, realtors nationwide have a lot of one thing –  existing homes.  With the high inventory of homes and the rock-bottom rates, this is unquestionably one of the best buyer’s markets we’ve seen in decades.  

Now that you’ve invested in an existing home, it’s time it reflected you - your taste, your lifestyle.  Or maybe you love the house that your growing family has always called home, but it’s time for more elbow room. 

  • Contrary to popular belief, adding to an existing home or re-designing an existing floor plan takes a lot more skill, creativity and experience than building out a new home.  The unknowns of demolishing and tying into an existing home can reveal many complications. Existing gas lines, structural beams, utilities and lead paint are just a couple reasons why it’s so important to hire seasoned builders who anticipate such issues.  We give you many creative options, while maintaining your home’s structural integrity.
  • Our pet peeve- a newly-constructed addition IS NOT supposed to look like an addition.  And you shouldn't have to "step up" or "step down" into your new addition.  The best additions should complement your existing style and appear to seamlessly flow from one portion of the house to the next.  Same of your interior
  •  We hold the highest license in our field (in Massachusetts; none is required in NH or ME) - the Unrestricted Supervisor’s Construction License – exemplifying our commitment to optimizing our technical skills
  • Our government recently enacted lead paint abatement regulations which require all types of contractors to be lead paint certified for any type of work, minor or major, in any pre-1978 property.  Shore-Built is an EPA-Certified Renovator
  • A seamless home improvement job is what Shore-Built delivers!  So, whether your home is overdue for that spacious master bath or it needs an extreme makeover, call us to give you our assessment at no cost to you
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