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President and Owner of Shore-Built, Bob LeClair has first-hand experience of what drives a business owner.  He has been a self-employed company owner his entire career. In recent years we've seen our share of hardship in our community's small businesses and mom-and-pop shops.  We're committed to collaborating with our community to provide unique ways of increasing exposure, bringing new business to these hard-working folks and saving them time and money on their commercial building needs- whether small or large.  In today’s volatile market, entrepreneurs are required to be creative, be competitive and think outside the box more than ever before.  Many businesses find themselves tightening their financial belts so tight that unfortunately, some tough decisions may be required.  We’re here to assist you in accomplishing your goals and staying on budget. 

Shore-Built has been a commercial builder, whether as a general contractor or as a sub-contractor, for over thirty years.  Although our clients include prominent landmarks such as Harvard University, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Prudential Building - our best client is small business.  A business's top priority on any building project is usually not unique: Do it right, do it on time and price it competitively. And that's what we've been delivering for decades.  We understand your building needs.  Whether it’s office furniture, a warehouse re-fit, or the construction of your exciting, new brick and mortar business, we’d be honored to collaborate with you on your venture. 

• Our bottom line is your bottom line.  Our pricing is very competitive.  We directly construct most portions of a commercial project, and limit many of our sub-contractors to skilled and licensed professionals (such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, etc) to mainstream your costs.  Our state-of-the-art woodworking shop further eliminates middlemen, to help eliminate delays and further reduce your costs.

•  During our thirty-plus years, we’ve developed our technical skills and our eye for seeing beyond the obvious.  This extensive experience has given us the ability to foresee issues before they happen.  We’re also able to offer comparable, creative alternatives – where appropriate- which may further increase your savings and decrease your timeline.   Your business is not a robotic process to Shore-Built – it’s a collaboration!

• A key to efficient communications is to provide timely and detailed contracts, change orders and invoices so that every detail of your project is clear.  Our professional company also employs today’s modern technology to save you time when communicating with us.  We make ourselves available to you in person, by phone or computer.

•  We are not a suit-and-tie construction manager.  We are a hands-on-builder who, as a fellow business owner, understands that being on-site in the trenches alongside our team, is the only way to maintain the highest quality, time and cost controls.   

•  We hold the top construction license in our field (in Massachusetts; not required in NH & ME) – an Unrestricted Construction Supervisor’s license.  We’re also an EPA-Certified Renovator and have extensive knowledge of working with local and state governments in obtaining approvals and permits.

•  The core of our team has been working together for an average of ten years.  Our expectations from them are clear, and they understand they’re an integral part of this domino process.  Our contractors are competent in their respective fields.  They also understand that everything from their appearance to their behavior must be professional and respectful- no exceptions.

•  Our craftsmanship carries a one-year warranty.  All manufacturer’s warranties are extended to you at project completion.

•  We take the greatest pride in our work and this extends into even the smaller details such as leaving our sites clean and safe at day’s end, and obtaining proof of insurance and lien waivers from every sub-contractor to further protect you.

•  Put your business in good hands – Shore-Built’s hands

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