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Dear Bob & Sue, As we welcome the New Year we reflect on all that has come to pass for us in 2014. Just about thanksgiving in 2014, we remember the careful, serious meetings, consultations & options both you & Sue offered up to us toward the restoration of our 1901 colonial home. We remember the partnership you created with us for each & every phase of this enormous undertaking. Your positive attitudes for it all created a wealth of security for us throughout the year to completion. You have completely restored the exterior of our home with precise attention to each & every detail as constructed back in 1901. We take a few minutes to thank you most sincerely & truly recognize the difficulty you overcame in reconstructing exactly what was built well over 100 years ago...a feat, [we're] sure, much more difficult than starting anew.

In the past year we remember each and every skilled worker from your different crews -all coordinated under your watchful eye and supervisory direction to work in tandem as the job unfolded.  We remember a new roof, many facets including numerous gables...all clapboards everywhere being removed and replaced anew.  Multiple porches, both covered and uncovered being replaced with tongue and groove decks...the under pinnings under some being replaced where needed...multiple columns replaced everywhere, as well as all porch railings and front steps and railings.  We thank you for taking the time to research replacing and hand turning the pinnacles atop the railings.  We also thank you for your patience & execution in replacing the 64 wooden, working shutters exactly as originally constructed ...and better. 

Your painter's work could hang in museums, no short cuts, all in time with what the weather dictated...damp days, no painting.  A job we are all proud of.
We thank you, Bob & Sue and all the many different crews that come to make Shore-Built Construction the premier builders that you are. Equally important to us is that the entire job came to us well within the budget we agreed upon & within the time allotted to completion.  Feel free to refer any prospective clients to us entertaining restoration work.  We would be proud to show off the genius of Shore-Built Construction.  Marc & Agnes

Having recently completed two extensive projects to include renovation and construction of a laundry room and a third level living space of our primary residence in Hampton Falls, NH we would like to offer our whole-hearted appreciation to Bob LeClair and the Shore-Built Construction team for the support and professionalism we experienced during the entire project.  From the initial planning and pricing to the final days of completing our punch list, Bob was enthusiastic, meticulous, honest, and knowledgeable.  In addition, his crew and subcontractors were punctual, thorough, reliable, pleasant and highly skilled.  The work was completed in a timely fashion, and the results are better than we ever imagined.  We highly recommend Shore-Built Construction to everyone, and would welcome the opportunity to work with Bob LeClair again in the future.  Chris & Michelle

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job Shore-Built did at our school. After the flood and new baby, things were really stressful. Bob and his crew were so efficient and understanding. I couldn't believe how fast they all got the job done. Everyone was so nice and the quality of the work was amazing. Bob made things as easy as possible for me and my family. I love the new shelves Bob custom made for my office! Your are both wonderful people! You made a very difficult time much easier to get through and I can't thank you enough. Jaimee H., Daycare Owner & Operator

Shore-Built Construction's quality is second to none, but the best part of working with them is their experience and work ethic.  Some of the projects we worked together on were unique and the team at Shore-Built did the necessary research to provide the best results at a reasonable price. Ken & Elaine

Shore-Built did a magnificent job renovating our new building.  The Statement of Work was reviewed, cleaned up, and agreed to in advance of the start of the project.  The work was performed to expectations, on time, and without a single change order or additional increase in cost.  In fact, certain items [not in Shore-Built's scope] were replaced by Shore-Built at no charge because the condition of the items was not up to Shore-Built standards.  Andrew B., Operations Manager - Commercial Client

We waited six years to build a house because we wanted to "do it right." You understood how important it was to us to build a Victorian home with detail and character. We're very impressed with the time and effort you put into designing the woodwork and other detail to create just the right look for our house. Bob made every effort to fulfill our "wish list" within our budget and went out of his way to get us what we wanted on more than one occasion. Sue was a pleasure to deal with and handled our frequent phone calls and endless questions graciously and professionally. We couldn't be more impressed with [SBC]...David & Kathleen 

The entire process was made a positive experience through the "how can we" attitude, professionalism and good communication you and Sue and all associated with you demonstrated.  We have promised ourselves two things.  If we ever build another house (we won't, but if ever) you will build it and we will start it in April not October.  Thank you again for our beautiful new home. Gayle & Peter

I want you to know how appreciative we are for making our “home building” experience so positive.  When people found out that we were building a house they would look at us with concern and ask, “How’s it going?”  When we answered, “Just great”, they were skeptical.  We would then be regaled with their house building stories including:  sloppy construction, unmet deadlines and inflated costs.  To people’s amazement we did not experience any of these problems.  The quality of craftsmanship met our standards and my father-in-law’s even stricter standards!  The house was finished on time and all of the [SBC] staff were helpful throughout the entire project.  Beverly & Gray

We began our house-hunting upon arriving in NH in late May. We drove by, and walked through, many houses...When we finally came across the model home built by [SBC], the hunt was off. Nothing else we saw compared to the quality workmanship that went into the house that we now proudly call our home. The LeClair family takes great pride in their business. They are honest, straight- forward people...Rest assured that any house they build, whether it is big or small, will be built with great care and attention to the smallest detail.  Enid & Todd

We highly recommend [Shore-Built] for construction work...Their design services proved to be very valuable in correcting problems with our architectural plans before problems arose on the job itself. We also feel that we have good communication with [SBC] and do not feel "out of the loop"...we have very young children in a non-smoking home and there hasn't been a moment when I didn't feel comfortable having my children in the vicinity of the [SBC] professionals.  James & Cindy

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